Jumbo Loans

At KS StateBank we have created a unique Jumbo lending department with a wide array of products while still offering the great rate you deserve. We have loan options for your next home purchase or refinance that includes a primary residence, second home, or even an investment property.

We have a dedicated Jumbo team that is committed solely to Jumbo loan products and clients. Because of this we are able to focus on communication and customer service.

Some of our Jumbo products and services include; 

  • Up to 55% debt to income ratio
  • Cash out loans on investment properties
  • Up to $2,500,000 loan amount on investment properties
  • Only one appraisal needed up to $1,999,999
  • Unlimited cash out under 55% Loan to Value  
  • Qualify using asset depletion
  • Loan amounts up to $3,000,000 and combined loan amounts that exceed $4,000,000
  • Streamlined tax return review products and bank statement income verification for self-employed borrowers
  • 85% LTV loans offered without MI
  • 90% LTV loans 

*Jumbo loans start at $453,101 which exceeds the base conforming loan limit. Conforming loan limits are set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Some counties within the United States that number is higher, please check with your KS StateBank Mortgage Loan Officer to confirm Jumbo amounts in your area.

KSElite Jumbo Loans

KS StateBank also offers KSElite Jumbo loans. This new product features higher loan amounts with the same commitment to customer service and a low hassle lending experience. 

Contact your KS StateBank Mortgage Loan Officer  for more information on this program and to confirm KSElite Jumbo amounts in your area.  

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